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JVC's DT-V Range Provides HD Monitoring at SD Price Levels (13/1/2005)

JVC is now stocking its range of dual purpose digital video (DT-V) range of HD and SD monitors with multi-signal video and audio capabilities

The JVC 17-inch DT-V1700CG and the 19-inch DT-V1910CG colour video monitors have an increased range of interface cards and are newly price-positioned to compete with standard definition CRT monitors.

All DT-V monitors feature natural flat CRTs with either user-selectable standard 4:3 or wide 16:9 aspect ratio. A discrete 16:9 removable bezel is provided as standard. Producing clear images, the DT-V1700CG monitor has 800 TV lines and the DT-V1910CG has 900 TV lines of horizontal resolution.

The three blank connection panels can each be populated when and how, according to user needs, with audio and video I/O modules. The selection is from: composite video and Y/C, analogue component / RGB / RGBHV, a range of SDI and a range of HD SDI boards. The improved dual HD SDI card enables the user to buy a singe board for simultaneous, two input, auto-selecting SD and HD SDI signals. Such flexibility means that users can fit analogue panels today, SDI panels tomorrow and HD SDI panels the day after that!

These boards allow customers to monitor all forms of video and audio signals prevalent in the marketplace now and in the future. These include HD & SD at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, HD SDI & SDI, NTSC & PAL, 480p, 1080i, 720p and 24psF cinema configuration.

Both monitors are able to display on screen the audio levels of the audio embedded in the SDI and HD SDI signals. When activated, the audio level meters move up and down with the sound.

Both monitor sizes are 19-inch rack-mountable, perfect for a wide range of uses including programme making, post-production, quality control and general monitoring.

Sarah Lambley, Area Sales Manager at JVC Professional Europe comments, "Our vision is clear. JVC are committed to CRT development. There is still a large demand for high quality and cost effective monitoring in both high definition and standard definition environments with an increased requirement for displays that will handle both. These monitors offer a high end, low cost solution and are already being widely used within the Broadcast community amongst others."

JVC continue to make developments in LCD technology and will introduce new products during 2005 to complement the existing range of CRT, LCD and projection displays. This will include a new 10" monitor in the DT-V range.

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