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Z-LINK Adds +HD to its Fibre Optic Camera Link System (17/1/2005)

At the Video Forum, Cove Broadcast is introducing +HD, an HD option for its Z-Link fibre optic camera link system. Adding to, rather than replacing, the capabilities of the existing standard definition Z-Link product, +HD works in parallel with the established SD services to add a full bandwidth, uncompressed HD channel. Adding +HD means both HD and SD share just one fibre optic cable. As the industry transitions to HD, this SD/HD combination is intended to benefit the many and wide ranging production environments that need the availability of both TV formats.

+HD extends the capabilities of the standard Z-Link that have already transformed camera links by removing quality, distance and capability barriers for virtually all professional cameras ÷ camcorders as well as system cameras. +HD, which can be fitted to new or existing Z-Link systems, picks up HD-SDI camera outputs and offers HD-SDI at the receiving end. All signals benefit from digital fidelity. These include HD-SDI, SDI and composite video as well as audio, return video, audio, talkback, tally, genlock and data, over 10km or more, using slim, light fibre optic cable. They remain 100-percent pure, regardless of distance and extended facilities, such as camera control, are possible.

As ever, Z-Link provides a versatile solution for production with capacity to accommodate many last minute changes. All signal paths are available all the time so the HD-SDI and SDI forward paths from the camera to the OB or studio, as well as the composite SD return path to the camera, are permanent. This allows full use of the downconverted SD camera output for simultaneous HD and SD production and the continued use of existing SD monitoring facilities for HD-only productions. Alternatively, the HD-SDI path can always be used as a second SDI path; so two SD camera feeds can be carried over the one Z-Link. The reverse SD back to the camera can help cost-effective on-camera monitoring of studio output or other video sources.

Z-LinkÔs optional Hybrid Power option has always been HD-ready. It delivers 200W to the camera position along the single hybrid fibre optic cable so problems of power-hungry HD cameras can be solved within the single Z-Link solution.

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