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Leitch Launches X75 HD Up/Down/Cross Converter and Synchronizer (19/1/2005)

Versatile, all-in-one solution enables effortless transition to HDTV

Leitch Technology Corporation (TSX:LTV), a leading supplier of HD video systems for professional television, today announced the launch of the X75(tm)HD. The uniquely versatile X75HD combines up/down/cross conversion, HD frame sync and extensive video and audio processing capabilities all in a space-saving 1RU package, and is equally suited for analogue, digital, or high-definition hybrid facilities.

With capabilities that far exceed any digital processing synchronizer, the X75HD allows broadcasters to do much more with less equipment. Video processing features include level/colour control; optional 3D adaptive colour decoding with time base correction; optional noise reduction; frame synchronization; and up- and down-conversion with aspect ratio conversion for hybrid standard-and high-definition facilities. The X75HD's 16 channels of internal audio processing include timing with video for lip sync corrections; level control; analogue-to-digital and digital-to-analogue conversion; and embedding and de-embedding for both SDI and HD-SDI serial digital signals for interfacing any audio signal in a professional environment. Integrated Dolby(r) (E and AC-3) decompression and voiceover brings even more functionality.

"The groundbreaking X75HD is the easy-to-use, all-in-one solution broadcasters have been waiting for to simplify their transition to HDTV," said Tim Thorsteinson, president and CEO of Leitch Technology. "Unique in the marketplace, the X75HD expands video processing to include 'anything in' to 'anything out' and simultaneous up-and down-conversion - all in a 1RU package - making it the most efficient solution available to facilitate the industry's move to high definition."

The X75HD provides a simple solution to even the most complex applications. For production and editing, the X75HD provides conversion to and from any signal type for HDTV productions. In news environments, it time base corrects any tape format - analogue, digital or HDTV. For broadcast, the X75HD performs up-conversion for HD output, down-conversion for monitoring/logging, and cross-conversion for programs that are recorded in other than the station's native format. As a simple switcher, the X75HD switches between SD and HD inputs with clean and quiet outputs with voiceover. In mobile environments, the X75HD's fast operator controls provide automatic input select to the proper HD output format, making it an easy choice for live events.

The X75HD is able to up-, down- and cross-convert from up to seven input video formats to almost any output video format. Video input formats include HDTV optical fibre, HD-SDI, SDI, DV, composite video, component analogue video (Betacam(r)) and Y/C (S-VHS/Hi-8). Ten outputs of the same signals are provided, as well as streaming video and audio over Ethernet, RGB, DVI-D, and PAL-B/PAL-M/SECAM/NTSC composite video output.

To ensure the highest level of signal quality, full 10-bit processing for digital video is used for up-, down- and cross-conversions using a motion-adaptive de-interlacing technology. Included composite analogue video outputs for PAL-B and NTSC are 12-bit wideband digital over-sampled for ultra-flat frequency response and exceptional signal-to-noise performance. The optional analogue composite input offers 12-bit processing with the highest performance 3D adaptive comb filtering available in the market. With the optional Digital Noise Reduction feature, convenient front panel controls permit adjustments for both spatial and temporal noise reduction.

Control and monitoring of signals passing through the X75HD is enabled using IP over Ethernet. The X75HD is a web server, which can be connected to via a web browser such as Microsoft(r)'s Internet Explorer or AOL's NetscapeR and can accommodate SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and Leitch's CCS (Command and Control SystemT) software. Instant operator control from the local or remote control panels allows for easy manipulation over video and audio signals. Using two Ethernet ports per unit (one for control, monitoring and video thumbnails, and one for video and audio streaming) makes PC control and monitoring over large networks entirely manageable.

Leitch is now accepting orders for the X75HD and will begin shipping in February 2005.

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