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Bluefish444 Announces Co Development with Avid to Create an Uncompressed HD Workflow Solution Between the Sony SRW-5000 VTR and Avid DS Nitris (21/1/2005)

Bluefish444 announced today that it has collaborated with Avid Technology, Inc. to create an uncompressed HD SDI 10 bit RGB 4:4:4 DPX workflow solution to transfer uncompressed 10 bit RGB files seamlessly between the Sony SRW5000 VTR and the Avid(r) DS Nitris(r) HD finishing system.

Bluefish444's Symmetry software has been developed to accept a capture log prepared using the Avid DS Nitris EDL Processor Utility and, in turn, direct the capture of 4:4:4 RGB HD from the dual-link HD-SDI connections on a Sony SRW-5000 VTR. During capture through HD|Lust, Symmetry will convert the HD-RGB stream into sequences of DPX frames which will contain timecode and reel information that can be used to drive program conform in the Avid DS Nitris system. After conforming, the Avid DS Nitris system will generate a play-out list to provide output back to the HDCAM-SR VTR via the HD|Lust and Symmetry workstation.

The use of Bluefish444's HD|Lust and Symmetry software in a separate workstation, providing a seamless uncompressed HD SDI 10 bit RGB DPX workflow between a Sony SRW-5000 VTR and an Avid DS Nitris system, has been co-developed, tested and qualified by Avid for an upcoming release of the Avid DS Nitris system scheduled for Q1 2005.

"Bluefish444 has developed the HD|Lust and Symmetry products specifically as 10 bit uncompressed Digital Intermediate workflow solutions for both the YUV and RGB color spaces. To have a company the caliber of Avid co-develop and certify Bluefish444 as an uncompressed HD SDI 10 bit RGB workflow solution is a vindication of our product strategy and a credit to our engineers", said Craige Mott, Managing Director of Bluefish444.

"We are excited about working with Bluefish444 to provide a solution for working with Sony HDCAM-SR and other HD-RGB 4:4:4 sources," said Matt Allard, Product Manager for Avid DS Nitris. "HD|Lust and Symmetry provide an ideal, offboard capture station that, combined with the new file-based conform capabilities in the Avid DS Nitris system, makes a great workflow for HD-RGB and DI customers."

Symmetry is a free capture and playback utility with HD | Lust. HD Lust and Symmetry are available from authorized resellers worldwide.

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