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Omneon's New MigrateTool Enables Direct Conversion of Legacy Server Formats to QuickTime Format (24/1/2005)

MigrateTool software simplifies integration of Omneon server systems by streamlining conversion of previously ingested material

Omneon Video Networks today announced the release of its new MigrateTool software for conversion of legacy video server formats to the open QuickTime (r) format used by Omneon systems. MigrateTool simplifies the integration of the Omneon Spectrum(tm) media server system into production and playout workflows by giving users the means to translate and work with previously ingested material easily in virtually every broadcast application.

"As a growing number of broadcasters worldwide make the shift to Omneon-based workflows, they can be confident that their existing media libraries will remain valuable resources for current and future productions ," said Geoff Stedman, Omneon vice president of marketing . "MigrateTool allows Omneon Spectrum media server users to 're-wrap' legacy media files so that they play out flawlessly from the Omneon system."

Because the MigrateTool software preserves metadata and vertical interval data stored in each individual clip, broadcasters can convert their media assets quickly and easily, without time-consuming data entry or management. Automatic re-wrapping of media to the Omneon format may be set for any clip transferred to a designated folder or directory. Archive systems simply restore archived clips to the appropriate folder, and MigrateTool will automatically translate the file and transfer it to a directory specified by the user.

This direct translation helps broadcasters transition to advanced Omneon server-based workflows without compromise. Translation of media files typically occurs at or faster than real time, depending on processor speed. In cases in which true format conversion is required, the system ensures the fastest practical translation with a minimum of transcoding artifacts. MigrateTool operates under Windows (r) 2000, and XP.

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