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Rorke Data Targets Apple and Windows Video and Broadcast Resellers with Galaxy-HDX SATA-II RAID Program (24/1/2005)

Rorke's HDX Solution Exceeds Requirements for Professional HD Video, Film and Broadcast Users While Providing the Lowest Cost Per MB in It's Class

Rorke Data a subsidiary of San Jose-based Bell Microproducts, Inc. -- NASDAQ:BELM, announced today that the Galaxy-HDX (SATA-II) RAID and SAN systems based on the company's new high performance, fourth-generation RAID engine is now shipping. Aggressively targeted at Apple and Windows-based NLE resellers, the HDX includes highly attractive margins, backed by a complete professional services and maintenance program for VARs in the high definition video market while providing film and broadcast users one of the industry's lowest cost per GB with solutions starting at $13,750.00 USD MSRP for a 6.4TB solution. The 3ru (rack mount unit), Galaxy-HDX also offers one of the highest storage densities available among today's comparable HD and content-centric RAID solutions.

"The HDX provides both aggressive MSRP and storage performance required by our resellers and VARs in the professional Film, Video and Broadcast market," said Bob Herzan, Vice President of Sales for Rorke's AV division. "This channel has been hard hit by the direct competition of certain NLE OEMs; our resellers can make realistic margins."

Available in both Fibre Channel and U320 SCSI dual-host versions, Rorke Data's HDX-series integrates InfoTrend's new family of high-capacity, high-density redesigned RAID enclosures integrated with latest controller technology. Performance benchmark tests demonstrate a greater than 300 megabytes per second (MB/sec) sequential sustained write performance for both models, and up to 450MB/sec reads; easily exceeding the throughput requirements for High Definition (HD) as well as 2K/4K film application environments.

"The fact that Rorke Data's HDX systems can deliver high-performance data storage at an amazingly low-price point for any OS platform, simply translates into much faster industry adoption for our products aimed at HD and digital film professionals," said Craige Mott, Managing Director of Bluefish 444.

"With native command queuing becoming increasingly available in SATAII drives, I/O performance and access can be further augmented," said Joe Rorke, VP of Marketing and Business Development for Rorke Data. "Combining low-cost, high-performance, the latest drive/media management features available using SATA technology and an extremely competitive list price starting at less than a half a cent per MB, the Galaxy HDX presents video professionals with the value and competitive edge our customers have come to expect from Rorke Data."

The two-fold performance increase is based on Rorke's newest RAID engine, incorporating a 266 MHz ASIC, integrated dual PCI-X bus design and support for double data rate (DDR) memory. Highly integrated peripheral circuitry increases internal bandwidth up to 2GB/sec, making it ideal for high-throughput rich media or large file fixed content applications. Real time event notification options provide on-site or remote diagnostics for added convenience while working in the field.

"Comparable low-cost systems rely on striping two controllers within the same enclosure to achieve the sustained transfer rates required for HD application environments" Herzan emphasized. "The technology Rorke has implemented within the single controller of the Galaxy HDX, assures HD environments the same high-level efficiency of a dual striped controller system, without the risk of data loss typically associated with such multi-controller solutions."

The Galaxy-HDX subsystems offer unparalleled flexibility with capacities ranging from 1TB to 100's of TBs depending on the configuration and application environment; support for OSX, Windows, Linux, Irix and Solaris, online expansion for adding, copying and replacing drives. Broad RAID level support includes 0, 1(0+1), 3, 5, 10, 30, 50, JBOD, and NRAID.

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