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Thomson Announces Two Grass Valley Cameras, Expanding Range of Affordable Choices for Broadcasters (30/1/2005)

Single-format HD and 14-bit SD Join Emmy Award-Winning Lineup

Broadening its Emmy(r) award-winning camera line for broadcasters, Thomson (Euronext Paris: 18453; NYSE: TMS) today announced two new Grass Valley(tm) brand cameras: the LDK 4000 for affordable, single-format high-definition (HD) production; and the LDK 400 ITW, a 14-bit camera that supports a wide range of standard-definition (SD) uses.

With one of the broadest lines of acquisition technologies available-and cameras that are the de facto standard for major HD sports and entertainment event production-Thomson provides turnkey workflows for signal processing and media distribution in cable, direct-to-home, satellite, telecommunications, and terrestrial television operations. Today, media leaders are looking to capitalize on those workflows to drive additional revenue.

The new cameras announced today are the latest example of Thomson's strategy to deliver not only superior products, but to put superior digital acquisition and production workflows within reach of a broader range of broadcasters.

The LDK 4000 is designed for small-to-medium size digital production studios and media creation companies that have settled on a single HD format. It's also ideal for countries such as China and Australia as well as the Eastern European and Far Eastern regions, where the 720p format has not been supported universally. Meanwhile, the LDK 400 is targeted at broadcasters and studios that require the pristine image quality of a 14-bit camera at an affordable price.

"Thomson's philosophy for camera development is straightforward: build camera platforms that are flexible enough to support a customer's format needs today and to accommodate them when they change. This approach will ensure our success with our traditional broadcast customers and enable to expand the reach of our camera line to embrace additional opportunities," said Marc Valentin, executive vice president of Thomson Broadcast & Media Solutions.

LDK 4000: affordable single-format HD production

The Grass Valley LDK 4000 is an affordable complement to the highly popular LDK 6000 mk II, one of the world's most popular cameras for HD and multi-format production. The new camera easily supports fixed-format requirements with models for 1080i and 720p production

Like all of Grass Valley HD cameras, the LDK 4000 offers low power consumption and Thomson's Emmy(r) award-winning (and patented) HD Dynamic Pixel Management(tm) (HD-DPM+) image sensor technology that produces images unrivaled by any other camera in the industry.

The Grass Valley LDK 4000 camera system includes a camera head, base station, an HD triax or fiber-optic cable adapter and the choice of either a 2- or 5-inch viewfinder. A series of optional features, control panels and signal transmission systems are available.

LDK 400 ITW: cost-effective 14-bit performance

The compact LDK 400 ITW 14-bit SD camera completes the range between the two popular Grass Valley cameras: the popular 12-bit LDK 300 and the LDK 500 camera, the market's most advanced 14-bit SD system.

With its dockable design, the LDK 400 ITW supports a wide range of settings, from affordable studio camera applications over multi-core cables to high-end productions over triax cables. It features high sensitivity (f14 at 2000 lux) and an excellent signal-to-noise ratio (65dB typical)-and it offers users the choice between DPM and ultra-low smear IT sensors, including switchable (16:9/4:3) aspect ratio for flexible performance.

The LDK 400 camera head is compatible with Grass Valley Analog Triax, Digital Wireless, and the new DigiLink and Digital Triax systems.

Pricing and Availability

Pricing for the LDK 4000 -complete with a triax adapter and a 2- or 5-inch viewfinder-starts at €78,000. Pricing for the LDK 400 ITW-complete with a triax adapter and a 1.5-inch viewfinder-starts at €35,200. Both cameras are scheduled to be available in April.

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