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MTI Film Ships Version 4 of CORRECT (8/2/2005)

New Feature-Rich Dirt-Fix/Restoration Software Premiered at IBC Now Available

MTI Film announces that the latest version of its popular CORRECT dirt-fix and restoration software previewed at the 2004 IBC Conference is now available for general release. CORRECT V. 4 is a significant release, answering client need for increased flexibility in the digital restoration process.

As a leading supplier of software solutions for film and video post production, MTI Film is very excited about CORRECT V.4 and how well it performs in the DI workflow. The CORRECT digital restoration system, first introduced over ten years ago, has been a highly successful component of MTI's Digital Intermediate platform, providing high-speed correction capabilities and efficient file management through its integrated user interface. CORRECT software is used on a majority of feature films finished in DI, with systems at almost every film lab and digital finishing center in Hollywood and at many facilities worldwide.

"We see the new features incorporated in CORRECT V.4: a paint tool, batch processing, HD RGB 4:4:4 support, and a new FLEXlm licensing system, as a major milestone release," states Pat Howley, Director of Sales, at MTI Film. "Client feedback has been very positive and several clients have ordered multiple seats of CORRECT."

About the new CORRECT V.4 features:

Paint Tool: Offers painting, cloning and onion-skinning capabilities to the CORRECT software bundle.

Batch Processing: This feature allows a client to set up any number of different processes such as Autofilter and Vertical Scratch and the software will stack up the selections to run them after hours. Thumbnails of each scene will allow the client to view a list of the various processes and keep track of their progress.

HD RGB 4:4:4: Support of this format will allow the ingest and output of material from a VTR such as an HDCam SR VTR, telecine or other HD 4:4:4 source.

FLEXlm Licensing: Provides node-locked licensing for the life of the product and allows more flexibility in licensing the various software modules.

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