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Quantel launches Eiger software for eQ and iQ (16/2/2005)

Revolutionary new tools for Post and DI

Quantel today unveiled 'Eiger' the latest toolset release for its market-leading eQ and iQ systems for post and DI. Eiger (Effects, Imaging, Grading and Editing Release) adds powerful capabilities across the board.

Eiger compositing tools draw on years of Quantel effects expertise in commercials, promotions and film VFX while also adding completely new tools. These include: new process tree ergonomics, motion sensitive blur, layer blend modes and a new mesh-based warper.

Eiger also introduces Quantel's new UniKey system a revolutionary multi-format, multi-colourspace precision keying toolset. New software algorithms are powered by Quantel's unique hardware and Quantel's Resolution Co-existence and Dynamic Rounding technologies to give operators all the tools they need to produce the best results fast, whatever the source material.

The QColor option for eQ and iQ is already recognised as a class leading DI grading system. Eiger builds on this with a powerful new set of HSL based tools and many ergonomic enhancements. Live pan and scan is now supported along with output image masking, making multi-format versioning even simpler.

Eiger also unlocks yet more of the imaging horsepower of eQ and iQ. For example, with Eiger eQ or iQ can downrez from HD to SD, apply a LUT, mask the output image and perform on-the-fly pan and scan totally live at full resolution and in realtime - without the need for proxies and with no new media created.

For editing and conforming work, Eiger adds new functionality and yet more streamlined ergonomics, with Keycode conform, network navigation and audio time stretch and compress tools.

Eiger will be supplied as standard on all new Quantel eQ and iQ systems from its release in March 2005, and is also available free to all eQ and iQ customers with current QCare contracts.

"2005 will be a growth year for DI and high resolution post," said Quantel's Mark Horton. "As our extensive Henry and Editbox owner base and users of other systems move onto a new post production high ground built on quality, new ideas and new workflows, the Eiger developments for eQ and iQ will help them scale new heights."

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