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Taking DI to the highest level DVS at NAB 2005 (16/2/2005)

Now celebrating its 20th year, the HD and digital in-termediate solution provider from Hanover presents a DI workflow based on CLIPSTER and DVS-SAN.

"Taking DI to the Highest Level" is the underlying theme for DVS at this year's NAB. In Las Vegas, at stand SL1260, the company will present exciting, high-power solutions for realtime digital interme-diate work.

CLIPSTER, DVS' realtime editing, conforming and finishing system will in-corporate the latest developments; include realtime color correction, vertical editing and improved conforming. With the addition of these features, CLIPSTER has the toolset designed to finish and version film and HD pro-jects. With rapid sales growth worldwide, CLIPSTER is becoming the first choice system for any post production house involved in intensive DI work.

Post production companies today, facing increased competition and ever tighter deadlines, need to continuously tune their workflow to an optimum. One well proven way of increasing efficiency is by centralizing storage; ena-bling multiple workstations to access the same project material. Now DVS presents a Storage Area Network server, DVS-SAN, with enough intrinsic bandwidth to allow multiple workstations to work on high resolution HD and film 2K data in realtime. DVS-SAN, was launched at IBC 2004 and has al-ready created a buzz in the market. DVS-SAN has been designed specifically for digital intermediate work. It forms the nub of the post house and can handle multiple realtime streams of uncompressed film 2K.

With DVS-SAN connected to a realtime system like CLIPSTER, HD and 2K conforming, colorgrading and finishing work become very fast and ex-tremely efficient. There's no copying between individual workstations and in the case of CLIPSTER, there's no rendering needed either. The advantages of throughput in the production cycle are huge.

With the product line-up of CLIPSTER, Pronto2K and now DVS-SAN; post production companies have the means and a highly effective toolset to deal with the masses of film data associated with DI projects.

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