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SpectSoft Announces New 6TB RaveHD Xenon System (28/2/2005)

SpectSoft LLC., a leading provider of uncompressed video solutions on the Linux platform, today announced the release of it's new 6TB RaveHD Xenon system.

SpectSoft's newest system offers hardware accelerated upconverting and downconverting as well as I/O for standard definition, high definition and dual-link on a single board. The RaveHD Xenon system features integrated RS-422 hardware that allows for both slave and master control along with unlimited scalability and dual 10/100/1000 gigabit ethernet.

Priced at $25,000, the RaveHD Xenon System features 6TB of local storage in a SATA array configuration(upgradeable to 9.6) and offers one of the highest quality video solutions on the market today, addressing many concerns seen by other systems. "This system is a great solution for not only the traditional DDR but as a deck replacement altogetherš, states Ramona Howard, President of SpectSoft. „The feature set we have built into RaveHD is unlike any other software package on the market today and it just keeps getting better with the development help we see from our customers."

RaveHD supports uncompressed SD-SMPTE 259M, HD-SMPTE 292M and Dual Link HD(4:4:4)-SMPTE 372M for both capture and playback in a single system and includes features like frame oriented, standard file system storage and centralized database asset tracking. Other features include RP188 (embedded timecode), Varicam flagging support, realtime color correction, and a programmable cadence engine(2:3, 3:2:3, 2:3:3:2, etc). RaveHD is natively frame-based but does offer some built-in tools for those working with Quicktime and will soon support AVI as well.

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