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VDS Announces New Line of Twister HD Stations (22/8/2005)

VDS, a leading developer of broadcast automation software, content design applications and plug-in products, announces the unveiling of a new line of Twister HD Paint Stations designed to improve graphic workflow.

The new Twister HD systems using BlueFish444 technology offer complete paint, graphics content creation, and HD 1080i or 720P I/O capabilities designed specifically for Broadcasters. With Twister, artists will now have access to VDS' famous "Liberty Paint" content creation tools and file transfer/conversion utilities, in addition to all the new features that Twister provides right from within a unified user environment. This includes a full suite of comprehensive paint tools and brushes, unlimited layering capabilities, and sophisticated image processing and masking tools developed specifically for broadcast workflow.

In addition, most Photoshop plug-ins may be run from within Twister, allowing access to hundreds of inexpensive image effect libraries currently available.

Twister also has integrated map generation capabilities, via the Mapcube Media option. Twister HD allows the operator to easily create stunning layered map displays.

"The new Twister HD systems are a great way to improve graphic design and distribution workflow by combining time saving dynamic content creation tools with file format conversion and distribution utilities," comments David-Ray Worthington, Director of Marketing and Product Development at VDS. "Artists will really appreciate how quick and easy it is to create or update graphics and then send them to various broadcast playback devices in their native formats with metadata."

Complete HD systems start at $24,000

Twister’s easy to use UI provides fast access to all features

With Twister it is now easier than ever to create reusable daily templates in HD. Content distribution is a breeze, as Twister has been infused with many broadcast-friendly features such as R/W Photoshop layers and direct connection/file support for most industry-standard devices such as Chyron, Aprisa, Pinnacle, Avid, and Quantel. In addition, the software supports 3D paste image and mask layers, video grab to canvas and real-time paint show to video in HD.

Twister HD is available in either rack-mount or tower configurations.

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