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                  肖申克的救贖影評英文_Shawshank Redemption film review 3篇

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                  • 2023-04-18 01:29:04
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                  導讀: 關于”肖申克的救贖影評“的英語作文模板3篇,肖申克的救贖影評英文_Shawshank Redemption film review 3篇,作文題目:Shawshank Redemption film review。以下是關于肖申克的救贖影評的三年級英語模板,每篇作文均為真題模板帶翻譯。

                  肖申克的救贖影評英文_Shawshank Redemption film review 3篇

                  關于”肖申克的救贖影評“的英語作文模板3篇,作文題目:Shawshank Redemption film review。以下是關于肖申克的救贖影評的xx年級英語模板,每篇作文均為真題模板帶翻譯。

                  高分英語作文1:Shawshank Redemption film review

                  When I finished watching the film, I was very excited and wanted to see it again. No matter the characters, details or spirit conveyed by the music of "hope is dangerous", Andy always insisted on not crying. Although he was innocent, he tried to spend a long time to escape.

                  In order to obtain , he helped the warden do illegal things, and he rebuilt it A library, helping other prisoners. All prisoners like him because he helps them find hope again. Maybe it's time to escape in the thunder and lightning night.

                  He escaped from the hole he dug for 20 years. He is finally free. I like Andy because of his talent and wisdom.

                  What I like most is that he never gives up his spirit.




                  Liz glotzer David V Lester Niki Marvin Roger Deakins Richard Francis Bruce Polygram film internationalana mm $(estimated) tiger Tommy Williams Tommy gill bellowally McBeal () William Thomas Stand by me / red / Hadley red Raquel (1 million BC fear can imprison you, hope can set you free. A strong man can save himself, a great man can save another prison life, including conventions, and then more conventions. Andy: these walls start with you hating them, and then you get used to it.

                  Time goes by, you rely on those who are institutionalized, I find I'm so excited that I can hardly sit still. I think this is the excitement that only a free man can feel. A free man whose conclusion is uncertain at the beginning of a long journey.

                  I hope I can cross the border I want to see. My friend holds his hand. I hope the Pacific Ocean will be as blue as I had in my dream.

                  I hope this can be summed up in a simple choice: Either busy living or busy dying: Red: not a day I don't regret, not because I'm here, or because you think I should look back on my life, a young, stupid child, that terrible crime. I want to talk to him. I want to try to reason with him and tell him the whole story, but I can't let that child go long ago.

                  This old man is the only one for me One who can survive. It's just , so keep trying, don't waste my time, because to tell you the truth, I don't care at all: some birds shouldn't be caged, that is, their feathers are too bright.


                  Liz Glotzer David V Lester Niki Marvin Roger Deakins Richard FrancisBruce PolyGram Film Internationana mm$(估計)老虎Tommy WilliamsTommyGil BellowsAlly McBeal()William Thomas(曼斯菲爾德州立(美國人道協會“Alfonso Freeman”)(“今天新鮮的魚,我們在“蒂姆羅賓斯”中給他們卷線)智商麗塔·海沃思)(吉爾達·羅亞爾(Stand By Me“/紅紅”“/Hadley”“Red Raquel Welch)(公元前100萬年恐懼可以囚禁你,希望可以讓你自由一個強壯的人可以拯救自己,一個偉大的人可以拯救另一個的生活,包括常規,然后更多的常規安迪:這些墻一開始你討厭他們,然后你就習慣了,時間過去了,你就依賴那些被制度化了的人,我發現我太興奮了,我幾乎不能坐著不動,我想這是只有一個自由人才能感受到的興奮,一個在長途旅行開始時,其結論還不確定的自由人,我希望我能越過我希望看到的邊界我的朋友,握著他的手我希望太平洋像我夢中一樣藍我希望我想這可以歸結為一個簡單的選擇:要么忙著活要么忙著死:紅色:沒有一天我不后悔,不是因為我在這里,也不是因為你認為我應該回顧我當時的生活,一個年輕愚蠢的孩子那個可怕的罪行我想跟他談談我想試著跟他講點道理,告訴他事情的原委,但我不能讓那個孩子早就走了,這個老人就是我唯一能活下來的人了。這不過是個的話,所以你繼續努力,別再浪費我的時間了,因為告訴你,我一點也不在乎:有些鳥是不該關在籠子里的,那就是它們的羽毛太鮮艷了。


                  The story sounds simple, but the truth behind it is amazing. When I first heard the name of the film, I thought Shawshank was the name of a man. But in fact, it is a Jain hell in the world, not only because of the inhumanity and cruelty of the prison, but also because the prison torments people's hearts, them wait and wait for life pass.

                  It seems that only those who have no value give up everything can survive. This is the place where the story hened and what impressed me most was that when Andy came out of prison, he stretched out his arms in the heavy rain, as if to welcome the fresh air and . At that moment, I saw faith overcome the darkness, and in the light of the light, shining brightly in the dark blue sky Mang, I can feel my inner frailty trembling.

                  His voice says: remember, hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing in the world. No good thing ever dies. That's why I like this movie: it encourages people to fight for human dignity, to reciate the beauty of life, and most importantly, hope, once born, will last forever, and death is the same for everyone.

                  The only difference is whether you are busy living or busy dying. This movie tells me that even a person can live once, but if he insists on his faith Keep hope and work well, then one time is enough. Faith is to feel the bright bird at dawn.

                  Hope is the main hiness that the world gives us. Life should be full of bird singing and hiness brought by hope. "What do you think makes your heart tremble, your heart is singing, your soul is flying, and you hope to be free.



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